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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Cafe Royale

Perks of studying, rather going out alone and being business minded. 

Had an impromptu meeting with the Lead Consultant/ Engineer, Some of the owners, and the supplier of Cafe Royale for my Advertising & Promotions proposal for their business grin emoticon

Was the first to taste their new dish that is still off the menu and doesn't have any name yet . Its pepper pork steak with red wine sauce and potatoes & tomatoes on the side.


it's also LADIES NIGHT OUT every Friday
from 6PM to 2AM
and enjoy LIVE! Acoustic Music from home-grown bands.

Free Cocktails Drinks for the Ladies on your first order
* Soul Solace (Vodka and Cranberry) &
*Monkey See (Vodka, Gin, White Rum, Orange Juice)

Located at Southern By Pass Road, Fairlane Subdivision,
San Vicente, Tarlac City
(045) 470-8054
10AM - 2AM

Friday, February 19, 2016


TARA. Ang salitang sinyales na may lakad kayo. Ang daling sabihin ngunit mahirap gawin. Merong yaya ng yaya pero gusto lang magpa libre. Meron din yayayain ka, tas ikaw si magaayos at maghihintay, yun pala di ka na sisiputin. Meron din magbibigay ng kung anong oras kayo magkikita, ngunit pagdating ng oras hindi magpaparamdam sayo, matapos ang 2 oras dun ka palang kakausapin, maaaring sisiputin ka o drawing. Meron din aayain ka, pero may iba pa pala siyang lakad o may ibang kasama na hindi mo kilala. Meron din sasabihin sayo dadalawin ka o pupuntahan ka, lumipas ang ilang oras nagaalala ka na kasi walang balita sa dadalaw sayo, yun pala may iba ding pinuntahan. Meron din namang magkasama na kayo pero parang di mo din kasama dahil ang tanging kaharap at kausap lang niya yung cellphone niya.

Natamaan ka ba? Masakit? Dont hate. Ito ay pawang katotohanan lamang. Alam niyo sa sarili niyo yan.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Who is Jesus to me?

March 9, 2014

my usual Sunday routine. 

Sunday is the day when i dont get to do nor think about school or work. I always get excited to go to church on Sundays cause i dont know where my feet would take me every week. Today, i attended Sunday Service at Victory San Fernando, as usual, all by myself. I keep praying to God, hoping that one day one of my family would attend church with me, so that they could understand my relationship with Him. Cant help but imagine how my would be if i have my own family already (just a thought). 

After the service, i was taking a selfie as a remembrance of this day, then this girl with me in the picture, volunteered to take the picture (cause maybe i look stupid already hahaha) lol. And then its the start of a new acquaintance :) i met her, Ate Aila Pangilinan, and the rest of the ladies of her Victory Group. For almost a year (i think) this is the first time again that i joined a small group, i mean to exchange ideas with other churchgoers. The group was hospitable and very welcoming that i didnt feel uncomfortable at all. Talking to Ate Aila felt like i was talking to myself hahaha, we were on the same page with all our experiences with our walk with God. I felt great! And again i was reminded that "You are not alone." & that "You're not the only person with that situation" and yes its true!!!:) 

I am very grateful and honored to have met these ladies today. I hope that i could join them again in the next coming weeks. Again, Father God, You never fail to amaze me with how You use people to touch other people's lives. 

Who is Jesus to me? He is the Great I Am! 

My Sunday-Alone-Time Check List

04 January 2014
My Sunday Alone Time Check List

✔️ Sunday Church
Its the Feast of the Epiphany -- which celebrates a time of gift giving. Im my case, this is the day i give myself TIME.. To be myself and to do anything i want.

✔️ To watch a Movie
English Only Please. As usual, nirelate ko na naman sarili ko :)) sobrang TANGA sa pagibig.  Give and give and give, unang mainlove talo! :)) 

✔️ Mexican Bar
First taste of Chimichanga Mexican Bar & Grill. I had the most sumptuous Mexican Dinner -- Beef Burritos, Chili Con Carne, Quesadillas, Extra Spicy Buffalo Wings, a bottle of Beer below zero, and a shot of frozen margarita. Yeaah, butad na naman :))

Young & Free they say. Sometimes its good to date yourself so you can do the things na di naman trip ng mga nakakasama mo. Who cares if im alone, sabi nga ni Queen Elsa "yes im alone but im alone and free!". Get out of your comfort zone & discover the things that you're capable of ; no strings attached.. Life is short. There will be a time na magiging magisa ka talaga, prepare yourself early :) 

Sunday, January 31, 2016

DBTI Alumni Homecoming 2016 : PAROKYA NI EDGAR

every year, after our homecoming at Holy Spirit, i always make sure to also attend Don Bosco's alumni homecoming hahahaha. this year was a blast 'cause of Parokya Ni edgar! :)

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Thew's #EuroTrip2015 - When In Rome

a week in Italy! :))

actually it's a 30-hour bus ride from Rotterdam to Rome, Italy. It's very tiring cause there's a bus stop to every city like every hour or 2 hours, for 30 freaking hours, ONE WAY! and another 30hours going back.

i get to see the old roman city, the coloseo and for my mom's bday ofcourse the VATICAN! where a filipino toured us, who happens to work for the pope, and he let us in to restricted section inside the vatican and on the peak of the tower :D we had lunch at a small pizzeria near st. peter's and a pasta plate costs 10euro (P500) each! hahaha we also had dinner at a kapampangan restaurant name 'the neighborhood' owned by a Filipino couple from Pampanga. it's amazing how there's so many kapampangan in the city!

our apartment is just near a church and we stayed in the penthouse just me and my mom, and we accidentally locked ourselves INSIDE THE HOUSE on my mom's bday :)) we had to like scream very loud so our neighbors would hear us, and we got no working phones nor wifi! it was cray! then for our last night we get to spend the night in another apartment with a Borgias themed room, slash spooky royalty room where there's already internet and telephone line :)))

//July 6 -11 2015//

Thew's #EuroTrip2015 - From PARIS with love

took a 6-hour bus ride for Rotterdam to Paris with my mom, tante remy & tante jona. first stop the Notre Dame & Pont Des Arts or the Love locks bridge but sadly they took down most of the love locks cause apparantly the railings of the bridge cant hold it much longer. The Tour De eiffel is spectacular! i couldnt believe my eyes that im really here at the foot of eiffel tower. i thought im just going to see it in the movies. We also visited the Arc De Triomphe and its like attempting a suicide just to take a picture with it cause you'd have to stand in the middle of the road where everyone's crossing. Also went to the Louvre and a the very famous Sacre Coeur where you're not allowed to take videos or pictures inside. we're in paris but we ate at mcDonald's for breakfast & CHINESE food for lunch. oh boy!

//July 4 2015//