Monday, September 3, 2018

Some of the elements in the movie that i can relate to my reality ❣️ 
(PS hindi po ito spoiler haha)

In a growing relationship, hindi mo maiiwasan to make plans for your future — family, business, travels, expenses, etc. It’s a great feeling of fulfillment pag isa-isa naco-crossout ang nasa bucketlist.

Just when you started to love someone, iikot na yung mundo mo sa kanya. You’ll do anything and everything to please him — you will fight his battles, you will stand by his side no matter what, you’ll set aside your appointments just to support him, because you love him. Not realizing that sometimes, enough is enough 😞 that once you let out your emotions, ikaw pa yung bad person kahit na inuna mo na siya before yourself. Minsan ka lang mapagod, kasi ipon na ipon na pala. How will you respond to someone who is giving up?

Ang saya sa feeling Saying the words “i’ve been there!” Pag napuntahan mo ung lugar na set nung movie 😏 but it also made me think about me & Patrick’s fate if we were to migrate & work together in Europe. What would our life be as OFWs?🤔

It’s bothersome and a bit shameful that when you’re in a relationship and your partner has a job/business while you still rely on your parents, you can’t help but think “ano kaya iniisip ng pamilya niya sakin? Na bakit wala akong work? Baka isipin nila umaasa lang din ako sa jowa ko”. Hindi mo sila pinagiisipan ng ganun pero kung ikaw naiisip mo yun, it’s not impossible for them not to feel&think that way too. What should you do about it?

We know what we deserve — a good life, a high paying job, a happy family, a perfect and loving partner, to be happy in all aspects. But sometimes, we can’t have it all. Wishful thinking lang yung iba. Kelangan natin makuntento with what we have, but we must also strive hard to get what we really want. Question is, are you willing to do everything to get what you deserve?

sabi nga, holding on damages you more kaya you should learn to let go. Even some plants need space to grow, but some also need others to grow. Bigyan mo ng time mag vent out ang isang tao, give him space to recollect and think about the things he said to you that might have hurt you. Pag okay na kayo, talk. Bad decisions are made when you are really angry or super happy. You need to be understanding and patient for your relationship to work.

Women are complicated. They tell you what you should and shouldn’t do, but what they really want you to do is to do the opposite way. Si Patrick madalas sabihan ako na nakakatampo ako dahil unfair ako or hindi daw niya alam ilugar sarili niya sakin kasi suplada ako sa kanya sa tuwing may ayaw akong ginawa niya. Hindi ko siya kikibuin promise! Before, he’ll do everything just to contact me, just to let me know he’s really sorry, that it annoyed me i told him to stop making kulit when i’m not in the mood. Now, he feeds me with my own medicine —If i dont talk to him, he wont talk to me either. Tapos lalo ako magagalit kasi “mamsh, di man lang ako sinusuyo!!??” Lol. Ganon ka rin ba?

i’m the type of person who is kuripot/ hindi magastos because lagi ko iniisip may iba pang mas importanteng mapupuntahan ung pera ko. Kaya si Patrick sinasabihan ko din na huwag magastos, to not give me expensive things nor buy me things i dont really need. Hinahawakan ko wallet niya pero hindi ko tinitignan what’s inside, that’s his and not mine ehh. Whether kami man hanggang huli o hindi, para sa kanya din yung maiipon niya, para sa kanya and sa family niya. Controlling ba ko?

It’s a joy to fulfill your passion. Na masaya ka sa ginagawa mo not because you needed or asked to bur because you wanted to. Don’t stop even when others are pulling you down, kung meron man dapat unang maniwala sayo, that’s yourself. 😉

—-to be continued. Parang madami pa kong gusto sabihin, at ieedit. Haha.

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